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Garage Door Repair or Replacement

We service, repair, or replace every make and model of garage door. Free estimates are available.   

Package deal overhauls! Rollers, springs, center bearing, end bearing plates for $460.00 installed! That over $110 SAVINGS! We use 10,000 cycle springs and give a 3 year warranty on parts and labor. There are OTHER places that claim their springs last for 100,000 cycles BUT that would be a spring that is about 5 times the size of the original. I can special order for those for your door but they're definitely a quite a bit more. The best think is that in America you can say ANYTHING in a commercial! 

16 x 7 Impact rated doors starting at $3000!!!!

Includes trim, additional anchors as needed, tax and installation.

Permit and processing is an additional $250.00.


Opener Repair or Replacement

Most openers will need some type of repair every 10 years. At Spring Break Garage Door Services we have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair any problem. Most opener repairs range from $150-$220.


If you want  to upgrade to a new opener we offer an assortment of models to meet your needs. ​

New openers start at $385 with one remote with WiFi installed. 

Out the Door Specials

1/1/24- 1/30/24:  9x7 Wayne Dalton  170 MPH Impact Door (stronger than the code requires!!!) for $1950.00!!! Includes tax, trim, and installation!!!

2/1/24- 2/30/24: 3/4 HP Chamberlain Belt drive with camera, back-up battery, WIFI, 2 remotes and keypad $650 installed!!  Applies to 7ft tall doors.

3/1/24-3/30/24: The Silent Treatment tune-up $140. Includes a set of neoprene rollers, opener and door adjustments and lubrication.                                                                                Brand new item- A plastic roller stem sleeve to take away every possible knock or rattle out of your door for an additional $55 with roller purchase.

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